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To order Isinglass scale drawings please visit the Drawings Page where the full range in all scales are available.

3D Printed kits and components


What’s in the pipeline? - new kits

On the work Bench

Exhibitions can be interesting times and often visitors bring challenges to work on. Recently came a request for gears and flywheels to be designed and printed. The detail needed here is toDSC_0479o fine for the FDM ultimaker to work on, so these have been produced on the resin printer. The counter weights on the flywheels are barely visible but the teeth on the gears engage correctly allowing them to rotate freely. 

Other examples include 4mm building window frames and 7mm table lampshades What parts do you need that can’t be obtained presently?


3D Printed Body Kits

If you’ve seen me at exhibitions then you’ve seen my trusty FDM 3D printer from Ultimaker, I use this machine to produce carriage sides, body kits and roof profiles.

Body Kits available in 4mm and 7mm. S Scale can be made available on request. Each kit contains Sides, ends and roof. Buffers, pipes, underframe bogies etc are not included.

Kits are printed to order (1 or 2 week lead time) but I am starting to carry stock at exhibitions.

Gresley 32’ Brake Van - Avaliable to order - January Delivery. 75 Body kit, Underframe TBC

Gresley surburban stock 1st class, 3rd Class, full brake, various composite and brake arrangements available including Artic stock.

Gresley Carriages

Carriage description, diagram number or Isinglass drawing number

Select the carriage length:

Select the scale:

If I can’t provide the carriage you need, you’ll receive a full refund.


Isinglass carriage 13b

Gresley Long bogied  CCT

Select the scale:

long CCT

GCR CCT - select Scale :




Roof Profiles

Do you have any old D&S kits that need a new roof? Roof profiles can be generated to match any kit regardless of the original make or material. All I need is a couple of photos showing the end profile of the roof (1 with the ruler horizontal  to scale the width, 1 with the ruler vertical to show the height of the curve) and a length for the roof required. The price will vary for each roof but a guideline price is 10 for 4mm and 20 for 7mm (plus P&P) please email for more details..

The following Gresley Roof profiles are available S-Scale can be provided, email Andy for details

Customers have mentioned that my 7mm Roof doesn’t fit other manufacturers kits, if you have a roof profile that you need I’ll redesign to that!

Gresley 51ft Suburban roof 7mm



Gresley 52’ 6” Roof 7mm

includes domed ends


Gresley 61’ 6” Roof 7mm

includes domed ends


Gresley Domed ends 7mm



Gresley 51ft Suburban roof 4mm



Gresley 52’ 6” Roof 4mm

includes domed ends


Gresley 61’ 6” Roof 4mm

includes domed ends


Gresley Domed ends 7mm












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