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16th January 2019

New range of kits released in 4mm, 7mm to follow. 7mm Gresley 32’ brake van available.

10th April 2018

Long time, no update. Thanks for for everyones support in recent years, The website will be updated soon with more focus on 3D Printing. The Isinglass drawings are available as usual both online and at exhibitions.

1st September 2013:

G1 (and larger) postage. After a short experiment with a courier I’ve reverted to using Royal Mail even though their prices are higher. G1 P&P is now based upon a 2nd class medium parcel plus cost for a tube.

29th March 2013:

Sorry, prices have to increase every so often. Royal Mail increase their charges every year, so I’m now looking to use a courier firm instead. Drawing prices have been held since 2011 so time for a revision.

4th May 2012:

P&P Prices are now weight based.

For UK Drawings this will be either 3 for 2nd class or 3.50 for 1st class up to 750g (which should cover the majority of orders including 4mm kits).This is based upon 2.30 2nd class postage and 70p for a tube/box/protective envelope. The price will automatically transfer to Special delivery for items over 1kg.

For European and rest of world orders prices rise a little more sharply and I will investigate signed for packages for kits.

27th April 2012:

This year Royal Mail have been given carte blanche to increase their prices way above inflation. P&P for UK drawings will now be 3.00 per order. I am going to move to a completely weight based P&P to incorporate kits and international orders in the near future.

Drawing and Kit prices will be kept at present levels for another year unless suppliers pass increases on to me.

9th March 2012:

The first copies of the 10mm milk van have now been shipped.

10mm components from the kit will be available for sale. These include vacuum cylinders, sprung axle boxes, 3 link couplings and

roof kits.

7mm components. I’m working on the roof in 7mm and will have another prototype to mould in a few weeks.

January.  Isinglass have moved to:


27 Grange Road

11th November 2011:

7mm Components.

On the back of the 10mm Milk van kit I’m going  to produce some of my own components to go with it. Designed  in Cad/3D and printed in a strong. flexible nylon, these components will scale down to 7mm as well. Initially I’m focusing on the Gresley profile roof sections (8’ 10.5” over cornice) and will be able to provide resin cast lengths suitable for 32’ vans, 51’6” flat end carriages and 61’6” domed end carriages.

All being well I’ll have limited stock with me at the Reading show in December and will publish prices before then. I’ll try and get some photos and a product page up in early December.

6th October 2011:

Diagram 86/87 van in 10mm scale

Please see the Brass Kits page for the latest update

28th June 2011. Payment at Exhibitions

Please note that the banks have now withdrawn the cheque guarantee scheme. So from now on I will be unable to accept payment by cheque at exhibitions. Payment can be accepted by

  • Cash
  • Paypal - providing the internet connection is working. Mobile signals can be very weak in exhibition halls so some patience may be required

To avoid such problems, Please order your drawings in advance, selecting ‘collect at exhibition’. You won’t be charged postage and I’ll make sure I have the drawings in stock.

I Still accept payment by cheque for mail order.

 5th June 2011:

For Sale Page added

Time for a bit of a spring clean.  Rather than use Ebay I’ll be putting some odds’n’sods for sale here.

 20th May 2011:

Diagram 86/87 van in 10mm scale

currently a work in progress. Starting from the 4mm but moving to 22 thou brass and adding extra detail. I’ll have the first test build with me at Railex and will welcome any comments.

1st April 2011:

Isinglass will now be attending Railex 27/28 May.

Prices have now gone up and the download catalogue will be updated shortly to reflect the changes. Most drawings have increased by 50p (Gauge 1 by 1) and P&P is now 2 per order.

10th February 2011.

Price Increase:sorry but it has to happen ! Prices and Postage were held in 2010 but with the annual increase from Royal Mail, the change to VAT (Isinglass don’t charge VAT but our suppliers DO!) and general increases of costs I will be putting up prices in April 2011.

New Web Page: I’ve recently found a box of about 280 slides in John’s old workshop (yes we’re still finding new things). Hope you enjoy looking through them here

5th November. We can now accept card payments by phone.  Please place your order as normal, record you phone number and select ‘Pay by Phone’ instead of Google or Paypal. I will call you back to confirm the order at a later time.

20th December 2010 32’ BY Pigeon Van.

Isinglass Pigeon Van preview click to enlargeThe test build of the Pigeon Van is now complete. A couple of minor changes have been made are available for dispatch from 29th December. Initial Price will be 35 (including components). To purchase, please visit the brass kits page.

Click photo for an enlargement.


20th October 2010 32’ BY Pigeon Van.

 The vehicle made it to Peterboro’ with the roof attached but not fully complete. Tony Wright took a couple of pictures and offered to snd them on to me , so I’ll upload them when they arrive. I’m aiming to relase this kit mid-November, similar price to the milk van

14 October 2010: New Release from Isinglass and Elegant Steam

Isinglass have joined up with Elegant Steam to provide a new style of drawing. Further details on our website


Isinglass Milk Van brass kits

29th March. First batch sold out, thank you for your suort and feedback! Furhter stock expected 9th April, see the brass kits page for full details.

Milk van test build

GA’s and Diagrams

Over his life, John collected a large number of GAs diagrams and other drawings. Many of these were used as a source of information for the Isinglass drawings. However there are a great many more which do not feature in the Isinglass catalogue.

It’s my intention to make as many of these diagrams as possible available but it’s a massive task due to the number and in some cases, the condition of the originals.

Initially I have a number of LNER loco diagrams and a book of coach diagrams from the Great North of Scotland railway. The list on the  new ‘GAs and Diagrams’ page will be updated on a regular basis.

If you’re after a drawing not on this list, please ask - I may have it available.

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